Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing AEA K12 Online: Bringing Online Learning to Iowa K-12 Classrooms

Online learning is gaining momentum as a viable way to educate K-12 students. The learner can gain access to the instructor, other learners, instructional material and interactive digital lessons through the internet. Colleges and universities have been using online learning courses for years, and even AEA PD Online was created in 2011 as a one-stop shop of all AEA online learning opportunities across the state.

Primary and secondary schools are now being introduced to the possibilities that come with online learning. In order to assist schools and districts with online learning implementation in Iowa, the Area Education Agencies are pleased to announce that AEA K12 Online will support their online learning efforts!

AEA K-12 Online support includes:
·      Providing online curricular content for districts that is free, vetted for high quality, and is in alignment with the Iowa Core
·      Providing professional development for educators around online teaching
·      Providing a hosted Moodle environment for full online courses  
·      Providing a repository of online content

Sound like something your school should do? You can start now! AEA K-12 Online hosts the Iowa Community of Practice and Innovation (CoPI). CoPI is a network of educators with common interests, who explore ways of working together on digital curriculum, identify common solutions, and share good practice ideas.

Find more information about AEA K-12 Online and CoPi at the link below or contact Nancy Movall, AEA K-12 Online Learning Specialist at

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