Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learn How to Flip Your Classroom!

AEA PD Online instructor & Grundy Center teacher/tech coordinator Bob Munson is at it again!  He is offering an online course for teachers on the cutting edge of instruction.

Have you heard about Flipped Learning, the instructional model that blends online instruction into your face-to-face classroom?  What's more, have you thought it sounds promising, but seemed to hard for you to learn?  This course is for you.

Flipped Learning shifts direct instruction outside of the classroom to the online environment, opening up time in-class to be better utilized.  Check out the video below from science teacher Aaron Sams as he showcases how it works in his classroom.

The course is coming up quick, but it isn't too late to sign up.  It starts May 26 and goes through June 30, available for 2 license renewal or graduate credits.  To register for the class, click here.

Looking for another option?  Check out our popular MOLLIE: Blended Learning course!  The MOLLIE (More Online Learning for Iowa Educators) series helps teachers with the process of blending your classroom instruction, and flipped learning is one of the focal points.  There is a section that starts June 11.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Everfi is dedicated to providing teachers with quality content that can be used with students in ablended classroom. The content is engaging and interactive and most importantly focused on helping students learn critical skills that they will need to be successful in the world beyond school.

The content can be divided into five key areas:
Financial Literacy
Vault: Understanding Money 4-6th grade
Everfi: Financial Literacy 9-12th grade

Ignition: Digital Citizenship 6-9th grade
Radius: Math and Coding 8-10th grade

Civic Engagement
Commons: Digital Town Square 8-10th grade
African-American History 9-12th grade

Health and Wellness
Alcohol EDU 9-12th Grade

Career Success
Venture: Entrepreneurial Expedition 7-10th grade

To Learn more view AEA PD Online's: LIVE! event featuring EverFi's courses.

Infuse Learning: Learner Response System

Mike Pic.jpg“Infuse learning allows me to upload the materials I use in my geography classroom eliminating confusion among students when comparing maps. Consistency in materials is a key for 7th graders in learning about the world and the relationships between countries and continents. Infuse learning is a great tool for the students to use and allows for easy corrections when needed.”
Mike Cunningham
7th grade Geography Teacher
Knoxville Middle School, Iowa

Are you looking for ways to create an interactive environment for assessment and learning? Infuse Learning might just be the tool you need. Infuse learning allows you to ask quick assessment questions to check for student understanding. Teachers can create the following types of questions:
  • Draw a response
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Sort and Order
  • Open Ended Text Answer
  • Numeric
  • Likert Scale
Once students complete the question(s), it immediately allows teachers to see, review, and save their responses.

Infuse Learn also offers:
  • Translation-Students can choose to read or listen to questions in a variety of different languages.
  • Draw a response-Allows students to draw a diagram or picture that illustrates their answers.

See how it works!

Getting Started!
Check out How to Get Started With InfuseLearning by Infuse Learning on Snapguide.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New on the Catalog: Digital Citizenship Course

New on our AEA K-12 E-Curriculum Catalog is a course in Digital Citizenship.  Created by the Heartland AEA technology integrationists in partnership with Johnston CSD, the Digital Citizenship course helps students understand the 9 principles of digital citizenship.

You can access it on our statewide Moodle server, or download it and use it on your own LMS.  For questions about the content, please contact Denise Krefting.