Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CoPi Update

Iowa’s literacy, math, science, and social studies Communities of Practice (CoPi) are under the umbrella of AEA K-12 Online. The purpose of the CoPis to enhance online learning for K-12 students. The CoPis have several goals.

The first goal is to provide educators across Iowa with free, high quality online content. To accomplish this the CoPis will:
  • Work to identify and provide access resources that currently exist.
  • Support the social authoring of content for use across the state
  • Contribute to the statewide repository of online content (EQUELLA)

The second goal is to develop wrap-around professional development for teachers who are using the online content that has been identified or developed. This will be done formally and informally: 
  • Formal: OLLIE/MOLLIE Course, Foundational Professional Development around Iowa Core Investigations, Conceptual based teaching, and seminar series
  • Informal: Webinars, online discussion, sharing repositories, meet-ups at conferences,
  • Non-formal: Twitter chatter

To learn more about CoPi check out the video at:

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