Monday, January 14, 2013

Better Together: Iowa’s Community of Practice (CoPI)

In November we introduced Iowa’s Community of Practice and Innovation (CoPI). To learn more click here.

Who should participate in Iowa’s CoPI?
Iowa’s Community of Practice and Innovation (CoPI) is for any teacher needing to develop/procure quality curriculum and digital resources for their students who also wants to collaborate with others to be at the forefront of their field, including:

     Teachers passionate about their practice
     Teachers wanting to work collaboratively to remain on the cusp of educational theory and practice
     Teachers interested in implementing Common Core to fidelity
     Teachers of current one-to-one districts
     Teachers interested in project-based learning
     Teachers interested in social learning in a digital age
     Teachers willing to contribute and share with others

How does participating in Iowa’s CoPI benefit teachers?
The benefit of CoPI is that with a community of practice, teachers are no longer isolated within their individual classrooms or separated by the lines of their districts. Iowa’s CoPI connects you with educators across Iowa and provides you with structures, opportunities, avenues, mechanisms, and virtual spaces to share, learn, and collaborate in real time to improve student learning with your committed colleagues across the state.

If we are all trying to meet the demands of Iowa Core and there is more and more pressure to offer additional digital learning experiences for our students, it would behoove us to work together to accomplish these two increasingly important requirements. Educators leading this CoPI movement work under a motto of “better together,” and believe strongly that students will benefit greatly as a result of the CoPI efforts. 

How do teachers get involved in Iowa's CoPI?
Interested teachers can choose their level of involvement in the CoPI. Possible entry points include:

On February 15, 2013 join the conversation here.
The CoPI Agora is located on the statewide moodle server. If you do not have an account, the link will take you to a page that will guide you through creating a moodle account.

Access online K-12 curriculum or house your own online curriculum here.
If you do not have an account with Resource Iowa, go to the site. Once there click on “help” and select “submit a question.” Type “Curriculum Request” in the subject line, complete the form with your request, and submit it.

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